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A sense of community

2010-10-10 10:20:39 by Temariix

NG has one.

The community of this website is part of the reason I keep coming back again and again. Along with the free entertainment provided, the unique community NG offers is something you don't find too often on such a large website.

I don't want to be too emotional about it or anything, I just wanted to make it known that I feel appreciated to belong to such a great website. I'm not just another user here, I have a name who (at least some times) people remember.

Yesterday, RedHarvest had a neat idea he put into fruition. The idea was to host a Stickam group chat and those of us there would just animate together on whatever project we were working on. It was really cool seeing what other people were working on and chatting with them all. It was like a huge group motivation for everybody to finish what they were working on. I, for example, finished a segment that's been sitting around for a while and it took me about 2.5-3 hours (which is pretty awesome for me)! The animating group was like a study group and had the same mentality. Come together and help each other to reach your goal. If that's not community then I must be reading from the wrong dictionary.

If you want to participate, we're trying to keep it going. Check out this BBS article for more info.

AND WHILE I'M HERE... I've been meaning to mention this as well. The Baltimore Meetup back in May was amazing. I'm a fairly shy person when I'm not behind a computer screen, but the meetup was beyond my wildest expectations. It was the first one I've been to and I went down with Radioactive24 (which was nice, since I was introduced to more people he knew). I met some awesome people who I never would have imagined I'd get to meet. I'd list some names, but then I'd forget someone, and then they'd feel like I forgot them, which I didn't, but yeah....

Thanks to all of you at the meetup who 1) housed me, 2) talked to me, 3) made eye contact with me, and/or 4) put up with me in general! You're all awesome in my book ;)

It's just so great to see the NG community in action (and in person!) and it warms my heart (I'm a girl, I get to say this :3). Keep it going everyone! It's a pleasure to consider myself apart of your community :)

A sense of community

Motivation get!

2009-06-15 21:22:00 by Temariix

Believe it or not, I've actually gotten some animation started and moving. I'm still waiting on parts for the Naruto 2 Collab (which we all want to be over...), so I've started on an independent piece.

For those of you who know me and my art, I do a lot of creatures. In this upcoming flash, I'm finally bringing my creatures to life. It will be a trailer for a (more likely than not) nonexistent series. Tonight marks the first step in my long journey. I finished a run cycle for one of the creatures.

I'm personally very excited. I think that, if I keep up the effort, it's going to be a great flash. It will be featured exclusively here and on DeviantArt. I'm torn between paying for trailer music or using one from madboss (which, btw, has some fantastic audio pieces if your looking for trailer music).

Maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, since all I have done is one small run cycle, but I have high hopes for this project.

Motivation get!

Simple question...

2009-04-13 14:33:51 by Temariix

Do you animate/draw with your left or right hand?

I'll get it right eventually!

2009-01-19 21:22:03 by Temariix

I swear!

It's just been one of those evenings.

Voice Acting?

2008-12-29 16:31:34 by Temariix

I've always wanted to try out voice acting, but I never had a mic to try anything with. Now that I do own a mic, I'd love to try some things out, but I'm not sure where to start. I know for flash, the author usually requests some type of sample.

My question for you is this... what should a voice sample consist of? I don't really know where to look for useful information pertaining to Newgrounds related voice acting.

Thanks for the help!


Also, I'm in need of animators for a Naruto themed collab that needs to be finished. It's been sitting around for about 2 years, and we all just want to get it finished. Thanks!


2008-12-08 21:26:18 by Temariix

I'm going to make this short and sweet.

These are my Newgrounds related 2009 goals...

- Submit a minimum of three (3) items [game, collab, or independent]
-- One of the three submissions stated above must be an independent project
-- One of the three submissions stated above must be a collab project

- Win an award of some type
- Get NGC back up and running
- Stop being so bad at stuff


Cookie Faic

2008-09-28 22:09:24 by Temariix

You all know the well liked angry faic... but today I present you with cookie faic!

It's been a pretty good weekend. Darn busy, but good. I've not had any time to flash recently.. it's a bit depressing... but then I look at cookie faic and it's all good again :D

And yes, yes that is a cookie the size of a dinner plate.

Cookie Faic


2008-08-23 08:59:59 by Temariix

Hey, psst....

Guess what?

I am now the proud owner of a mic :3

Congradulatory notice?

2008-08-17 15:09:02 by Temariix

Okay, so on one of the under judgement submissions I voted (to pass) on today, a message appeared, which I didnt realize was there until I switched pages.

It started out something like, "Congradulations, your votes have..." but I have no idea what the rest of it was. At least two more sentances I think. I tried to go to the page again, but of course I couldnt.

I know it's a silly thing to be concerned over, but it just bothers me that I dont know what it said now... so if anyone has any thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated.

I know... I'm just that lame. Meh, what's a girl to do.

Oh, btw, join some collabs,

Texan return

2008-07-27 13:42:04 by Temariix

So I've returned.. and stuff. This is what I did for the most part...

-went to Seaworld, saw all three Shamus
-saw a ton of movies including the Dark Knight in Imax and Wall-E
-helped my step-sister and step-brother in law move into their new home
-toured San Antonio's Alamo and Riverwalk
-Ate at a Texan steakhouse.. but no steak.. dont like steak...
-Hid in a closet to avoid being squashed by the tornadoes (2 total) produced by huricanne Dolly. One tornado hit Seaworld. I was joking, that after the tornadoes went by and we were safe, "Headline! Shamu in backyard, new family pet?"

And now that I'm back, I'm hiding in a closet again since there's nasty storms moving through the region with the potential for tornadoes. Golf ball size hail... as long as it doesnt damage my car, I'm all good :3

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